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By Andrew Wilkes, Campaign Manager, 50x2026

Patriotism that prioritizes the love of country without telling the truth about that country that we love is not patriotism. It is, instead, a hollow piety that ridicules the dignity and practical force of constitutionally protected free speech. The net result of such unreflective…

December 9, 2020

TO: President-Elect Biden’s Transition Team
FROM: 50X2026 Civics Education Team
SUBJECT: Prioritizing Civics Education in a new Administration

A Civics Crisis
Americans, in substantial measure, do not trust our government. Our system has not realized its potential to facilitate an inclusive society for all of us. Our nation…

For nearly 15 years, I’ve worked with funders, movement leaders, and policymakers who are dedicated to creating positive change on a systemic scale, to continue the Founding Fathers’ vision of a more perfect union. I’ve seen Democrats and Republicans who disagree in many other areas come together and pass major…


50x2026 is a national initiative to elevate civics education policy, in every state, by 2026 — the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

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